3D Icon Theme

3D Icon Theme (S60 3rd)

Ultra colorful 3D theme


  • Bright, captivating wallpaper
  • Eye-catching icon design


  • Perhaps a bit too garish for some


If you're feeling like your mobile is looking a bit bland then you might want to inject a splash of color into it by installing this 3D Icon Theme.

The skin adds a new background wallpaper to your S60 featuring a swirling multicolored 3D design in front of a black ground. The home page shortcut buttons are also transformed, replaced with bright 3D icons. The clock also gets an overhaul, with a green 3D affair replacing the original.

3D Icon Theme also changes the menu and application icons on your system, adding a set of brightly-colored 3D buttons with rounded edges. These look great on their own, but unfortunately when combined with the swirly colored background, it all gets a bit too busy and garish, making some of the icons and text difficult to make out.

3D Icon Theme is certainly a bright and colorful adornment to your phone - just make sure you wear sunglasses before you install it!

3D Icon Theme


3D Icon Theme (S60 3rd)

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